Welcome to my blog….

Hello and welcome to my website. This is where I will be blogging about writing for the IELTS/OET/TOEFL/PTE etc exams, and anything else I feel like regarding academic writing and English in general. As you will see, several of the posts have a video embedded in them, you can find these on my YouTube channel… Continue reading Welcome to my blog….


IELTS Map Comparison with Band 9.0 Example.

Normally I don't respond to people asking for free assessments, why should I?.However, I received an email yesterday from someone asking for assistance with a map comparison task so I thought I would make a post about this as I haven't written about IELTS for a while now. So, I have analysed the task and… Continue reading IELTS Map Comparison with Band 9.0 Example.

Student letter correction..

I have been a bit busy recently and not making many videos, however, this will change starting from today. So, this is a letter sent to my Telegram group "Prepare OET". I have just gone through a few things and mainly commented on grammar, vocab, etc. I hope you find it useful. More to come...!… Continue reading Student letter correction..

Free OET letter assessment, only on Easyclass…

As you may have seen in my previous posts and in the menu, I have a package running for OET called Easyclass. In that package, I assess letters at random, grade them, hold live sessions, make videos, etc. So, as I said in my previous post, I have been busy lately so to make up… Continue reading Free OET letter assessment, only on Easyclass…

Student IELTS Essay Assessed….

Hello everyone, as you might have noticed I haven't been very active recently. This is in part from moving from my old office to a new apartment, and new work commitments at school, etc. I have also been busy working on OET, and developing my Patreon package for OET test takers. However, I am still… Continue reading Student IELTS Essay Assessed….

OET Writing Tip..how to reorder information.

I am sitting here this morning correcting student letters and I thought I would share an example to help you along in your writing. If you look at the letter you will see that paragraphs 2 and 3 in the original need some reworking in terms of logical flow. It is always a good idea… Continue reading OET Writing Tip..how to reorder information.