Why you should get your essays expertly assessed…

In this post I want to talk about something that is very important…why most people taking IELTS don’t make use of a correction service, and why this is a bad idea…

OK, so, I am in several FB groups, Whatsapp groups, and Telegram channels and one thing I see everyday is that far too many people are leaving their IELTS writing score to chance. Time and again I see people bemoaning their poor writing scores after taking the exam, 2,3,4,or more times, yet they refuse to take the action they need to resolve this.

What do I mean?..I mean, they don’t, won’t or can’t send their writings to be professionally assessed so they can know what their current band is and how they can improve it. Maybe they can’t afford it, maybe they think they can self-study, whatever the reason, they keep making the same mistakes over and over again and they never get the writing scores they need.

Now, there are several free FB groups and pages where people post their writings, and sometimes other students comment on them. However, and I have made a couple of videos about this which you can find elsewhere on this site, this is a bad idea. This is because most students in these groups have no idea how the IELTS criteria work, and they always give misleading scores to the writers. For example, I have lost count of the times someone posts an essay, and someone scores it as 7.0. 8.0 or whatever, and the author thanks them and carries on as before. Yet when I read the essay in question, it is always considerably worse than they thought. I commented on one a week ago, some guy said it was band 8.0, and I when I read it, I said band 5.0. They had no idea what the examiners want and all they did was give false hope to the author.

As a consequence, the learner is trapped in a cycle of despair, always getting a low score, whereas if they had invested a few euros in a professional correction service, they could have avoided this and got their dream score…So, the moral of this tale is this, you need to invest in your future, don’t leave things to chance or to ill-informed randoms on the internet, go to the people who know and get your writings assessed properly!….