Need help with OET letter writing to get a grade B?

As you know, I help out on a Telegram group called Prepare OET, mainly checking letters and giving live letter correction seminars as writing is something that many healthcare professionals have a problem with. They are fine with the listening and reading, and usually the speaking, as they do this in their daily medical practice, but writing always causes them some trouble. This is because, unlike the other skills, you need qualified, native english teachers to check your writing for errors and give you feedback on how to improve. Now due to the sheer numbers in the group, it’s impossible for me to cover everyone’s letters in the live classes, so what I have decided to do now is to offer a premium letter correction service.

That’s right, now you can have your letter/s checked by me individually and have your letter back to you within 48 hours, checked, corrected, and with suggestions for rewording, restructuring, and improving your writing to get a grade B.

It’s easy to do, simply send me your letter with casenotes, pay via PayPal (link below) and I will get to work straight away.

You can send me one letter, or two or three, or have a package of 8, whatever you like, and I will reply as soon as possible usually within 48 hours depending on demand. And of course, this also gives you access to my file library of previously corrected letters and video recordings of the correction sessions. 

So, if you want to get started, or you have any questions, you can write to me at