OET Letter Corrections

Hello, and welcome to my new service, OET letter corrections! This is something that my students have been requesting for sometime, how to get their OET letters professionally assessed by a native speaker teacher who knows the criteria for writing. This is vitally important if you are to get a B in writing, instead of being stuck on C+ like so many of you are.

How does this work?…Easy, you send me a photograph of your handwritten letter and a copy typed into Word, along with the case notes, choose which option you require, one letter, or a package of four. Pay via PayPal (link below). Then wait 24 to 48 hours for return delivery. It’s that simple!.

Here is the PayPal link for you..http://paypal.me/kevinadean

And if you want to see some sample corrections, you can download one here. 

And here

And if you want to see some videos of my live lesson correction classes, then check out my channel on YouTube


So, it’s that simple. No need to worry over your writing any more, send it to me for a fast, efficient service and learn from your mistakes. If you have any questions about this service, feel free to write to me at kevin@englishwritenow.com